Featured Crafter: Eka Wahyu Setyowati

Patchwork Matari Cushion
The batik patch is applied to the Dolbi silk cushion so it looks luxurious and elegant. The patchwork technique makes this product limited to only one. The silk is comfortable. One package can contain 5 cushions that will be wrap elegantly so it will be perfect as a gift for colleagues, relatives, or friends. The size is 40 x 45 x 50 cm (or as requested). Custom orders welcome.

Patchwork Manta Face Mask
The batik patch is combined with Japanese cotton so it is comfortable to wear. The patchwork technique makes this product limited to only 1 per motif. With an ergonomic design that follows the curves of the nose and mouth so it is not stuffy for daily activities both indoors and outdoors. The mask has 3 plies and a filter hole. You can request the strap to earloop or head loop. Available sizes S, M, and L.

Patchwork Jelly Hat
Batik fabrics combined with Japanese cotton make it comfortable for everyday use. The patchwork technique makes this product limited to only one. Can be used back and forth with different patterns. The inside has a layer to maintain its shape. Available in size S, M, L, and XL.

Introducing the crafter:

Eka Wahyu Setyowati

"Home decor, craft, and fashion products made using the patchwork technique and Indonesian fabrics. My products are almost zero waste and we are empowering craftsmen, especially the local people. Our mission is to educate people about recycled products that have added value. We also provide regular training to the community using the cross-subsidies fee. This patchwork product has good market potential because it is unique and has good market opportunities."

Contact Eka Wahyu Setyowati:
Instagram: @decak_handmades


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