Featured Crafter: Rodya Yuliani

The Djawatan Bag
This bag size is about 26 cm long, 7 cm wide, and 19 cm high. Using the confetti technique this bag tells about one of the tourist attractions in Banyuwangi - Indonesia, namely De Djawatan Forest. A deep forest that is similar to those infamous movies. This bag is only produced one time. The front and back of the bag are forest-themed, greenish.

The Blue Bag
This bag is sewn with the paper-piecing technique. Size 60 cm long, about 30 cm high. Using blue nuance batik fabrics, this bag looks like a triangle and has a puffed front on the back so it can load a lot of stuff.

Sling Bag
This brown-bag has a size of 26x18x6 cm. Made from batik fabrics with the application of an orchid flower made of fabrics.

Introducing the crafter:

Rodya Yuliani

"I love sewing patchwork and quilt and anything about fabric."

Contact Rodya Yuliani: 
Website: www.q-lapatchwork.com
Instagram: @qlapatchwork


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